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Welcome To
The Waxxx Pot - Sunshine Coast's Women's Waxing Specialists

A little bit about us 

The Waxxx Pot specialises in women's waxing and has perfected the art of waxing, treating every client as an individual to suit their waxing needs.


We only use high quality wax and you'll feel at ease knowing we never double dip when waxing the intimate areas & maintain the highest health and safety standards


Our commitment to you is to ensure waxing is as painless as possible and we can guarantee you'll never walk out sticky, only silky smooth with a boost of confidence to go about your day

All of our staff are qualified Beauty Therapists & love enhancing our client's natural beauty, we are all about feeling confident in your own skin and will always make you feel comfortable.

Brazilian Wax Specialist 

we specialize in precise Brazilian waxing techniques, ensuring smooth and long-lasting results. Additionally, we offer extended bikini and bikini line treatments, tailored to suit your preferences and needs

Lash & Brow perfection

We're passionate about perfection when it comes to brows! Explore our comprehensive range of brow treatments, including precise Brow shaping, Eyebrow Tinting, Lash Tinting, and Hybrid dye options for brows that last longer and look fabulous

Facial & body waxing

Discover our complete waxing services, catering to every inch of your body! From precision treatments for the Lip, Chin, and Full Face, to smoothing out Underarms, Legs, Arms, and even Tummy lines and Toes, we've got it all covered. Explore our range of cost-saving packages tailored to your needs

Lash Lifts

Transform your lashes with our lash lift service! Experience stunningly curled natural lashes that stay lifted for up to 8 weeks, adding a touch of glamour to your look effortlessly

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